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Rana Udai Singh Rana Pratap Chauhans of Ajmer -  Delhi
A Past Period of Bikaner Colonel James Tod Raja Jai Singh
The Rajputs Rana Khumba Rana Lakha
Rana Sanga Rao Jodha Kutch - Wahas
Imperial Guptas Hara Chauhans of Bundi - Kota Early Period of Rajasthan
Sisodias of Mewar Mughal History Rajasthan The Mauryans

The Imperial Guptas

The next kingdom to be established was that of the Imperial Guptas (4th-6th century) who unified the larger part of the country and gave India its greatest period of art. The later caves at Ajanta and Ellora belong to this age. The famous Sanskrit poet and playwright, Kalidasa, lived in this era and placed his masterpiece Shakuntala, in a locale near Ajmer. A few remains of late Gupta temples are found scattered in Rajasthan, at Mandore (Jodhpur) and Jhalrapatan (Jhalawar). King Harsha (600 AD) ruled at Kanauj and his line continued down to Raja Jaichand who was finally defeated by Mohammed Ghori in 1191. His descendants rose again to power as the Rathores of Marwar (Jodhpur). After the decline of the Guptas, the north was again subjected to innumerable invasions.

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