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Rana Udai Singh Rana Pratap Chauhans of Ajmer -  Delhi
A Past Period of Bikaner Colonel James Tod Raja Jai Singh
The Rajputs Rana Khumba Rana Lakha
Rana Sanga Rao Jodha Kutch - Wahas
Imperial Guptas Hara Chauhans of Bundi - Kota Early Period of Rajasthan
Sisodias of Mewar Mughal History Rajasthan The Mauryans

The Mauryans History

The Hellenes did not hold the north for long. A remarkable king, Chandra Gupta Maurya of Magadha (Orissa-Bihar), defeated the Hellene Viceroy, Nikator Seleucus and established a dynasty that unified the north, the centre and a part of the south of the subcontinent.

Ashoka 3rd Century BC

The most famous king of this house was the Emperor Ashoka who extended his grandfather's kingdom, but then renounced war and violence, He adopted Buddhism and commenced the unique experiment of ruling through the principles of faith, duty and non-violence. He erected monolithic pillars and rocks engraved with his laws throughout his extensive realm and one of his Minor Rock Edicts was found at Vairat (Bairath) near Jaipur. The remains of a Buddhist chapel and monastery have also been excavated at Bairath. This is the earliest free-standing structure in the country and dates from the 3rd century BC.

The break up of the Mauryan empire led to invasions in the north by the Parthians, Scythians (Sakas), Huns, Gujars, Mongols and others, A Central Asian tribe from China, the Kushans, established a dynasty that lasted from the 1 st-3rd century AD. A second wave of invaders, the later Kushans, reigned briefly in the 4th century. Remains of Kushan settlements have been found in Rajasthan as far as Bharatpur and Nuhgaon (Noh).

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