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Thar Desert Jaisalmer in Background, Rajasthan, India

A n c i e n t   H i s t o r y  of  R a j a s t h a n

Rana Udai Singh Rana Pratap Chauhans of Ajmer -  Delhi
A Past Period of Bikaner Colonel James Tod Raja Jai Singh
The Rajputs Rana Khumba Rana Lakha
Rana Sanga Rao Jodha Kutch - Wahas
Imperial Guptas Hara Chauhans of Bundi - Kota Early Period of Rajasthan
Sisodias of Mewar Mughal History Rajasthan The Mauryans

The Mughal History of Rajasthan

After Aurangzeb, Moghul power rapidly diminished. The Marathas, after Shivaji, became the predominant force. Rajput kingdoms preferred to support the enfeebled Moghuls whom they could dominate rather than the fierce, plebian fighters from the Western Ghats.

The British came to India as traders, but soon took sides in local struggles to defend their trading rights. They also raised mercenary forces. Seeing the struggle for power between the decaying Moghul empire, the Muslim rulers of the southern states, the rising Marathas and the disunited Rajput kingdoms, the British played one off against the other to their own advantage. They gradually acquired control over large portions of Bengal and the south. They controlled the Moghul emperor and signed treaties with the Rajputs. In 1857 came the first attempt at a nationwide stand against the British. It was crushed and India became part of the British Empire.

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