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Rana Udai Singh Rana Pratap Chauhans of Ajmer -  Delhi
A Past Period of Bikaner Colonel James Tod Raja Jai Singh
The Rajputs Rana Khumba Rana Lakha
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Imperial Guptas Hara Chauhans of Bundi - Kota Early Period of Rajasthan
Sisodias of Mewar Mughal History Rajasthan The Mauryans

Rajput History

The Aryan fighting caste, the kshatriyas, had been decimated through constant warfare. On the other hand, the invading hordes that came into India settled down, intermingled and were absorbed.

Certain fighting clans that arose from the inter-marriage of foreign and local warriors claimed direct descent from the ancient Aryan kshatriyas. They went further back and traced their descent from divinity and royalty. The Suryavansh or solar race, claimed Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, as their ancestor. The Chandravansh or lunar race, traced their line from the god Krishna-a later incarnation. A third group called themselves the Agnicula, the fireborn, created by the sage Vashist from the sacred fire-pit (agnikund) at Mount Abu. This possibly denotes a ceremony of purification by which these martial races, now called Rajputs, were accepted into the folds of the Hindu caste system, as kshatriyas.

The most important of these clans who established kingdoms and gave Rajasthan its name and character were:

The Solar descendants: Guhilots or the Sisodias of Mewar (Udaipur): Rathores of Marwar (Jodhpur); Kuchhwahas of Amber-Jaipur,

The Lunar descendants were the Bhattis of Jaisalmer.

The Agnicula descendants were: the Chauhans of Delhi-Ajmer; the Harachauhans of BundiKotah: and the Deoras of Sirohi.

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