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Thar Desert Jaisalmer in Background, Rajasthan, India

A n c i e n t   H i s t o r y  of  R a j a s t h a n

Rana Udai Singh Rana Pratap Chauhans of Ajmer -  Delhi
A Past Period of Bikaner Colonel James Tod Raja Jai Singh
The Rajputs Rana Khumba Rana Lakha
Rana Sanga Rao Jodha Kutch - Wahas
Imperial Guptas Hara Chauhans of Bundi - Kota Early Period of Rajasthan
Sisodias of Mewar Mughal History Rajasthan The Mauryans

Rana Khumba History

Succeeded Mokul. His reign was one of expansion and consolidation. Kumbha was a remarkable ruler. He was a great general and defeated the Sultans of Malwa and Gujarat. He built the forts at Kumbalgarh, Achalgarh, and Mandalgarh. He erected the Tower of Victory at Chittor and built innumerable temples. He was a scholar of Sanskrit and a fine musician. He wrote several commentaries on musical treatises. He was a tolerant ruler and during his reign the beautiful Jain temples at Ranakpur were built. The wife of his grandson, Bhoja was the mystic Mirabai, whose ecstatic hymns of devotion to Lord Krishna are still sung throughout India. Kumbha was treacherously murdered by his son Uda (1469) who did not survive long. He was struck by lightning and killed.

Rana Rainrnal

Succeeded Kumbha. He is famous for his three sons, Jaimal, Prithviraj and Sangram. Intense rivalry marked the relations of these princes and Prithviraj was soon poisoned. Jaimal and Sangram contended for the throne which Sangram won.

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