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Sisodias of Mewar

Foremost amongst the Rajputs is the House of Mewar. Its rulers claim descent from Rama tracing their line to his firstborn, Lav founder of Lahore (Lavpur). As the senior clan, the rulers were given the title of Maharana while all others were called Maharaja. They were fortunate in many of their rulers. Mewar was the last state to succumb to Muslim rule.

The dynasty was founded in AD 144 and ruled from Ahar near Udaipur. In the 7th century Bappa Rawal, the infant heir, was exiled with his mother, a Mori princess to the forests round Nagda where they found shelter with some brahmin hermits. But the young Bappa could not suppress his martial instinct. He began by bullying the tribal Bhil children in boyish games and ended by establishing his rule over the Bhil tribals, his first capital being Nagda.

Bappa Rawal was blessed by a Shaivite hermit, Harita who lived at Eklingji. Later, Bappa built a complex of temples hereto the tutelary deity of his family, Shiva.

Encouraged by his mother, Bappa entered the service of his Mori uncle who ruled from Chittor. Ungratefully, he seized an opportunity to overthrow his benefactor and took Chittor. This fortress became his new capital.

Most of Rajput history is known through bardic poems known as, banshavalis. According to these it is said Bappa Rawal stood 20 cubits in height, ruled for a hundred years and then retired to Mount Meru as an ascetic. His line continued unbroken.

Raja Ratan Singh, in 1303, was faced by the besieging armies of Allauddin Khilji, Sultan of Delhi. The citadel of Chittor held out for Many months, but was finally sacked Khilji left his son Khizr Khan as governor. Rana Hamir (1365) A nephew of Ratan Singh won back Chittor by a stratagem and Mewar was again free of Muslim domination.

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