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Textiles -- Miniature Art

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Paintings are nowhere more vibrant and expressing than that of Rajasthan. Tradition of painting traces back to the dawn of civilisation. Traces of earth colour drawings on walls and intricate motifs of geometrical and natural designs on clay vessels and potteries have been unearthed in the proto-historic Harappan sites of Kalibangan and Peelibanga in north-western Rajasthan. And these traditions of decorating dwellings and articles are still alive. Rajasthan, is known for its miniature paintings, reflecting an incredible portfolio of scenes from myth and legend to history to nature. The variation in art of painting ranges from Wall paintings on Palaces to huts, Miniature paintings, Phad and Pichwais. Though many use synthetic colours, the traditional painters use mineral and vegetable dyes. The cost of the painting depends on an artist's workmanship.

Mewar Paintings - One of the largest ateliers in Rajasthan was to be found in Udaipur where progression in miniature art has been rapid. The Mewar school is celebrated for its strong colour emphasised along with the accentuated Mughal cross fertilisation.

Marwar Paintings - With creative expressions they become patrons of some of the greatest collection of Sanskrit and vernacular text and commissioned paintings on a generous scale. The Jodhpur artist merges their works with the traditional figures where the faces were accentuated and the eyes are large and curving (in what have come to be referred to as Jodhpuri eyes). The turbans work high and they portray a sense of vibrant energy. The backgrounds tends to be characteristic with thick rolling clouds. The Paintings do give a peculiar look.

Amer-Jaipur Paintings - The miniatures of Jaipur  managed a very active and formal state of art . Akin to the Mughals in its use of background and court settings, the Jaipur styles differed in other subjects like the secular aspects, etc. The highlight of Jaipur School was its use of understated colours and the depiction of natural scenic views that were exceptional.

Kishangarh Paintings - Under the patronage of Savant Singh the art developed a more advanced style. The image of Krishna and Radha took over a prominent style that later on become the most exceptionally attractive figures of miniature painting in the world. The famous Bani Thani was basically inspired by the Krishna- Radha images. The background shares the elaborate styling of Mughal paintings. The use of fine colours on the canvas contributed in ranking it among the finest expressions of work.

Bundi & Kota Paintings - One of the most eminent styles in the forms of miniature painting, these two ateliers developed their own identity in portraying hunting scenes, the landscapes and the forest scape along with the women leading to colourful works etc. These paintings were marked by a particular green tint and were creatively handled .There is a lyrical expression of love that permeates the paintings.

Bikaner Paintings - One of the finest schools of miniature developed in this dessert state. Though Bikaner artist was more expressive but a mark of Mughal influence adding luxuriant foliage as the highlight made them attractive to compliment the desert conditions.

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